Eric Maspons

Eric Maspons is the President of Maspons Funeral Home, which he and his brother opened with their grandfather in Miami in 1997. Mr. Maspons was born in Miami, Florida and graduated from the University of Miami, where he obtained his B.A. and his Masters of Business Administration. Mr. Maspons also obtained his medical degree from the UniversIdad Central del Este in the Dominican Republic. Mr. Maspons obtained his mortuary science degree at Miami-Dade College.

Mr. Maspons has been a licensed funeral director for more than two decades. He is also an adjunct professor at Miami-Dade College in the Department of Mortuary Science.

Mr. Maspons has served on the board of numerous nonprofits and charities in the South Florida community, including St. Brendan High School and Miami-Dade College Board of Funeral Directors.

Enrique J. Rivero

Enrique J. Rivero has been a licensed funeral director for many years. He started in 1959 in Havana, Cuba at Rivero Funeral Home. As a member of the Rivero Family, he continued operating as a funeral director once the family established the business in the United States.

He is currently a proud associate with Maspons Funeral Home and enjoys working as a funeral director.  He is committed to serving our community with dignity and respect.

Ellis Robinson

Ellis Robinson is a licensed funeral director for Maspons Funeral Home.

He was motivated to become a funeral director at an early age while attending high school in Miami, Florida. He obtained his degree in mortuary science from the prestigious Eckles College of Mortuary Science in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has been board certified as an embalmer since 1967 and received his license to be a funeral director in 1968.

Jorge Cabrera

Jorge Cabrera is a licensed funeral director who has worked for Maspons Funeral Home since 2011. He came from Cuba at an early age, and developed an interest in the funeral service industry. Jorge Cabrera graduated from Mortuary School at Miami-Dade College in 2009.  Jorge Cabrera provides funeral services for families at the Weschester Chapel of Maspons Funeral Home.

Mariah  Adams

Mariah  Adams is a licensed funeral director. As a licensed professional, she brings with her over 10 years experience to our firm. Ms. Adams was a flight attendant for Pan American Airlines and American Airlines for 15 years. Ms. Adams is an author, who writes using her pen name, Maria Urquia. Ms. Adams has been board certified as an embalmer and a licensed funeral director since she received her license in 2000.

Tavaris Walker

Tavaris Walker graduated  from Miami-Dade College in 2007. He earned his associate and science degrees. He has been a funeral director and embalmer for nine years. He also has been in the funeral business for 15 years. He started a program called “Welcome to the Game”, in which he teaches people from different communities and helps to empower them.

Tavaris Walker is an author and has been writing for many years. Mr. Walker considers himself a man of the people.